Anterior Pelvic Tilt Causes: Our Pelvic Position and Posture are Connected!

What are some anterior pelvic tilt causes? What are some anterior pelvic tile exercises? Out posture is key, and our posture describes our skeletal alignment.  Anterior pelvic tilt is a common skeletal misalignment of the lower body and is one of the most common postural issues that can cause back and neck pain.  The common […]

Does Posture Affect Weight: A guide to losing weight with posture training.

Does improving posture help with weight loss? Improving your posture will most definitely help you lose weight. Ensuring that your postural muscles are working correctly helps your body become increasingly efficient. This includes helping you lose weight and as a result, tone your body. Poor posture is the same as poor skeletal alignment.  Poor skeletal […]

Correcting Posture Causes Pain? It Shouldn’t

Correcting posture causes pain? It shouldn’t.  Correcting posture shouldn’t be causing you pain or hurt in any way, yet I often see clients who are hurting themselves as they try to correct their posture, with or without gadgets. You don’t need a posture corrector or posture correction device of any sort. The Invisible Exercise teaches you […]

Posture Exercises For Teens

Posture Exercises for teens are just as important as they are for full grown adults. More so than ever before our teenagers are under the influence of factors that are a potent mix resulting in poor posture. Think long hours of looking at small screens, large screens and anything in between.  Poor posture ie poor […]

Bad Posture Back Pain Symptoms

Bad Posture, Back Pain Symptoms, hindered movement…it sounds familiar. Have you ever wondered if your back pain could be caused by your posture? If so, would improving your posture lessen or eliminate your back pain?   This blog tackles one of my favourite topics, the relationship between posture and pain. Is there a relationship and if […]

Sitting Posture: A Guide to Sitting Correctly For Optimal Posture

What is Sitting Posture? Better yet, what is meant by ‘good’ sitting posture? Welcome to a blog that doesn’t bag sitting! I simply do not agree that sitting is bad for us and the new smoking. Why? Because sitting per say is not bad for us, it is the way we are sitting that is […]

Bad Posture Symptoms

Poor (bad) posture is the same as poor skeletal alignment.  When our alignment is poor, our bones and joints suffer as they move away from the correct anatomical position.     Poor posture affects fit and unfit and the most common cause of joint wear, tear, and degenerative changes.  This results in aches, pains, and injuries which […]

Posture in Pregnancy

Posture describes your skeletal alignment. I want you to check your own posture now as you read this blog.  Is your spine naturally stacked into a series of healthy curves? Is your chest gently open and your neck naturally elongated and relaxed, even if you are looking down?   Pregnant or not, our posture generally across […]

Core Exercises for Posture: Why TIE delves beyond the “Core”

‘Core’ training is about the deep muscles of the pelvis and shoulder girdle. Whilst I do not refer to these deep muscles as the ‘core’ in my program, The Invisible Exercise is the ultimate exercise program to improve your posture.  The muscles of ‘core’ are a fraction of the hundreds and hundreds of deep layers […]

How to Fix Hunchback Posture

What is Hunchback Posture? A hunchback posture is a ‘scary movie’ way of describing what is also known as a Kyphosis. Hunchback posture cannot be fixed by any form of posture device or “hunchback brace” as they are sometimes marketed. In that scary movie I mentioned, think of the old woman with a ‘dowager’s hump’ […]