Bad Posture Symptoms

Poor (bad) posture is the same as poor skeletal alignment.  When our alignment is poor, our bones and joints suffer as they move away from the correct anatomical position.    

Poor posture affects fit and unfit and the most common cause of joint wear, tear, and degenerative changes.  This results in aches, pains, and injuries which may require lots of treatment or ultimately replacement, think hip, or knee replacement.  As the average age of joint replacement is plummeting, poor skeletal alignment is a problem worth addressing.   That is why I developed TIE to realign your body achieving your best posture, joints, body, and health for a youthful vibrant you. Try The Introduction to TIE program, to begin with. 

So whilst some of the obvious symptoms of poor posture include:

  • rounded shoulders 
  • poke or ‘turtleneck’ 
  • anterior or posterior pelvic tilt 
  • thoracic kyphosis 
  • loss of the natural curves of the spine/poor spinal health 
  • hyperextension of the knees or elbows
  • bent knees in standing 

The vast majority of our aches, pains, injuries, tensions, restrictions, and imbalances have their origins in poor skeletal alignment, poor posture, poor joint health.

Having worked in musculoskeletal rehab for 30 years, my number one tip for your best body,  joints, and health is achieving and maintaining good skeletal alignment. 

7 Detrimental Effects of Bad Posture:

A quick google search comes up with the following: 

  • Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain….
  • Poor Circulation. …
  • Impaired Lung Function. …
  • Poor Digestion. …
  • Constricted Nerves. …
  • The curvature of the Spine. …
  • Headache and Jaw Pain….

In my experience, this is a shortlist of the negative or detrimental effects of poor skeletal alignment, poor posture.

FACT: Our skeleton is the foundation structure of our body.  If our foundation structure is poor our 639 muscles, 4000 tendons, 900 ligaments, 23 spinal discs, cartilage, internal organs, and connective tissue are adversely affected because none of these structures sit correctly.  They are displaced to varying degrees because they all attach to the skeleton.

On the contrary, if our alignment is good and therefore our foundation structure is sound, all of our muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, cartilage, and organs have the correct structure to attach to and work off.  This is the key to great body shape, tone, and performance.  

In short, the body and health benefits of good posture, sound skeletal alignment, are as long and extensive as the detrimental effects of poor posture, poor skeletal alignment.

How do I know if my posture is bad?

When our bones are not being placed and supported correctly by our muscles and soft tissue, the first series of bones to suffer is our spine.  Right now as you read this, unless your spine is beautifully stacked for you in the correct natural curves (ie without you trying) you have poor posture.  It’s really not rocket science.  

If your spine is not beautifully stacked, your chest starts to close and your head moves forward. 

This can cause issues at the joints of the hips, knees, pelvis, shoulders, elbows, hands, and feet.  In short, our bones and joints are connected and poor posture has a negative knock-on effect throughout our entire musculoskeletal system, it simply can’t not. Do you have aches, pains or injuries that prevent you from doing the things you love?  TIE overcomes aches and pains and gets you back to the things you love. Click here to learn more about our Intro to TIE program.

How do I fix years of bad posture?

Contrary to popular belief and practice, focusing on some muscles of the upper back, chest, and ‘core’ is literally scratching the surface and may cause more problems along the way.       

Poor or bad alignment is the result of hundreds and hundreds of deep muscles, layers of them, failing to fire correctly (lightning fast) to place every bone correctly and achieve 360 healthy joints that naturally underpin everything you do.  

By definition, fixing posture has to go straight to the skeleton.  That is why I developed The Invisible Exercise.  Learning TIE online realigns your 206 bones simultaneously in simple powerful postures that anyone can do.  As a result, TIE reinstates the function of all of the deep muscles of the body.  This means great skeletal alignment/posture, healthy joints, and muscle balance.

What causes poor posture?

Whilst there are significant health issues that cause poor posture the most common cause of poor posture is the muscles involved in movement, firing before the hundreds of deep muscles are firing correctly.

 In other words: poor biomechanics, moving before or without healthy joints. 

Any exercise, it doesn’t matter how big or small, fast or slow, that is being applied to a pre-existing unsound structure, forces the body to use a fraction of its muscles.  That’s because the nervous system is not able to fire hundreds of deep muscles fast enough (faster than you can think) because these deep muscles are displaced due to poor alignment. 

Realigning with TIE first means our muscles are placed correctly, fired in superfast precise sequences directly by the nervous system to establish and maintain healthy joints before, during, and after exercise.  That is how we achieve deep body balance and naturally reset our biomechanics.

How can I correct my posture?

It is really a case of putting the horse before the cart, after all, what is the point of trying to move or run or stretch or strengthen or core a poor structure.  By the time we sit or stand and long before we try to get fit whatever that looks like, the horse has already bolted as our body and joints are already in affect of muscle imbalance and poor biomechanics.  That explains how and why aches, pains, injuries, and poor posture are so common.  

Realigning with TIE first, means our muscles are placed correctly so the nervous system can resume firing our muscles correctly for us to support and move our skeleton 24/7.  This is a win, win.  Now we have the freedom to get on and feel just how amazing our body really is.  You won’t have to try and teach your muscles what to do as they will already be doing exactly what they are meant to do.  You will breathe, sit, stand, move, and exercise with ease and efficiency that you will never have experienced before. 

Achieve your best posture, alignment, joints, soft tissue, body, and health with TIE and never have to deal with the long list of bad posture symptoms and health implications, ever again. 

Your best body begins with your bones and my program shows you how. Click here to learn more about how TIE can help you achieve your best body ever.