How to fix rounded shoulders with posture training

Fixing rounded shoulders via posture training is the most effective way to target this musculoskeletal issue or misalignment of the human body. Having rounded shoulders is very common, often caused by hunching, holding stress and tension in the shoulders and rib cage, overuse of two or three upper body muscles causing non-optimal musculoskeletal alignment. Luckily […]

Do Posture Correctors Work?

Are you wondering whether or not to invest in a posture corrector device?  Will it be helpful? Will I go through any discomfort getting used to it? Do posture correction devices actually work? If so, will it work for me?  Are there any good posture exercises out there that would be better than using a […]

Bad Posture and Sitting All Day: How to have good posture and work at a desk

Having good posture is a hot topic at the moment, especially as more of the world is transitioning to working from home, often at a seated desk. As a result, bad posture whilst sitting is prominent. Achieving good posture is often on people’s bucket list of things to achieve. However, it is generally all talk […]

How do I achieve a truly healthy spine and great posture from home?

Posture correction or retraining is so easily done from home.  In fact the quieter and the more private the environment the more perfect the conditions for reawakening your postural muscles to achieve a healthy spine and great skeletal alignment, and that means great posture.    My online Postural Retraining Program, TIE, will ensure you achieve your healthiest […]

Correcting Your Posture

Mention the word posture and watch what happens next.  We must hear grandma telling us to sit up straight, suck our tummy muscles in and pull our shoulders back and then keep them there because that’s what I see.  A tense, held body.  Sorry grandma but that is not good posture.  A tense, held body […]