All your questions answered about TIE and joining or using our programs.

Is it for me?

If you want to enjoy an exercise program that really works for your body and your mind, the answer is YES! You’ll be amazed how you’ll be feeling after just a few weeks of TIE. You’ll be moving through your day with fewer aches and pains and you’ll love having a better body shape, looking slender and standing tall.

Find out more about the benefits of TIE

You’re never too old for TIE and it’s suitable for all ages from 18+. In our story from one of our TIE program members, you’ll hear about someone in their 80s who practices TIE 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes a day. If there’s a movement on the program you can’t do, just contact Dell-Maree and she can help you modify it. Or just skip it until you’re feeling more comfortable with this part of the program. If you’re concerned, have a chat with your doctor before joining TIE.

Absolutely! TIE is teaching your body to work in just the way it was designed to do. Like anything, it’s always a good idea to get approval from your doctor and let us know if any posture is uncomfortable for you. You should also follow any advice your doctor may give you on practicing TIE.

You will achieve true muscle balance and start to use your underperforming muscles more effectively. TIE achieves extraordinary biomechanics by enabling your muscles to fire in the perfect sequence for improved dynamic muscle performance and endurance. This is the key to refined athletic performance for exceptional results.

No. In as little as 10 minutes you can practice TIE to feel and achieve greater, safer benefits than you might be getting from other exercise programs.

Yes. TIE can complement any exercise, but it’s also a good stand alone approach to getting and staying in shape, for good. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve in just 20 minutes each day.

Joining TIE

The first thing you’ll need to do is watch your 10 minute Introduction to The Invisible Exercise (TIE) Technique video. This will be the best investment in your future success and your extraordinary lifetime results. As you learn more about TIE you’ll be sure to get more out of the Intro video each time you watch it so feel free to watch it again any time during the program as a refresher. My clients often refer back to this video as it really helps them to master their TIE Technique and achieve truly amazing results.

For each week of the Introductory Program, you’ll have access to your program via your Dashboard when you log in. Each week there will be one Posture of the Week video (5 to 10 minutes), one 10 minute audio recording and one 20 minute audio recording. You’ll also find photographs of each the posture you’ll be practising and some tips designed specifically for you each week.

Kick off your TIE week watching the Posture of the Week video and learn all about your Posture of the Week. After that, you’ll complete your daily practice by using either the 10 or 20 minute audio recording. You’ll quickly get into the swing of following your audio recordings. All you need to do is listen to my voice and follow my precise instructions.

Anytime. Once you subscribe to the Introductory Program you will be on your way to transforming your body and your life. After completing the Introductory Program, you can move on to our Monthly Subscription to continue learning and refining your technique, body and mind.
TIE is anywhere friendly. You don’t need any special gear or equipment, just you and Dell-Maree’s voice (via your mobile device/computer) in your lounge room, your bedroom, your hotel room… the park, wherever you like!
Nothing special! You can do TIE anywhere, anytime. You’ll find it more comfortable to practice if you have an exercise mat and a hand towel. You will often need a wall for your legs/feet so set yourself up somewhere where you can spread your arms out and place your feet on a wall or you can use the back of a closed door.

TIE has a comprehensive Privacy Policy that follows all the requirements of current Australian Legislation, and then some. You can read the TIE Privacy Policy here.

For the 10-week Introductory Program there is a one-off payment of $99. You can pay using your credit or debit card, or with PayPal. After you sign up, you will receive an email with confirmation of payment. If you choose the Monthly Subscription your preferred method of payment will automatically be charged on a monthly basis until you cancel your subscription with TIE by contacting us at admin@theinvisibleexercise.com.au.

To process your payments as efficiently and securely as possible, we use a payment gateway called Stripe.

At this stage you can’t. The TIE team are working hard on making this possible, so stay tuned.

We recommend that you connect to a WiFi network when using your program.

The data usage for the weekly 10 and 20 minute audio programs will use data equivalent to the audio file size, for example, if the audio file is 6MB, it will use 6MB of data.

For the video content, we estimate that standard resolution uses 5.89MB of data per minute, and 45.76MB per minute for the HD setting.

If this happens please contact us at admin@theinvisibleexercise.com.au so we can work through your concerns. Sometimes doing something completely new can be overwhelming and if this is the case for you, don’t worry. We are here to hold your hand and help you on your way to better body performance.

Your TIE Program

To access your program, simply log in using your e-mail and password. Make sure email notifications are set to ‘ON’ in your settings so we can email you instructions about how to get started. Once you have signed up you’ll have access to your Program details on your dashboard. As there is no ‘start date’ you can get started as soon as you want.

– Log into your account by clicking ‘login’ in the top right of the screen, or go to theinvisibleexercise.com.au/userlogin. You will only be able to log in on one device at a time, so if using multiple devices (such as your mobile and tablet), please make sure you log out of previously used device before switching.

– You will be redirected to your dashboard upon login. Click on the ‘PROGRAMS’ tab.

– Click ‘START PROGRAM’ or ‘CONTINUE PROGRAM’ if you have already started.

– Select a unit from the right hand side of the page.

– Complete the unit by clicking ‘MARK AS COMPLETE’ at the bottom of the page. You can return to this unit and complete as many times as you like for the duration of the program.

– Progress to the next unit by selecting ‘NEXT’ or manually selecting the unit from the right hand side of the page. If you are completing the Introduction to TIE program, you will not be able to access content in future weeks until they become available. You will receive an email letting you know when this content is available.

– Return at any time and click ‘Programs’ from your user dashboard to continue your program.

You’ll be able to access TIE on all of your devices but only one at a time. Remember to log out of TIE each time if you use multiple devices. That way, you can log in from any device at any time but remember, only one device at a time can be logged into your account!

Someone from TIE is always here to help. Contact us on email at admin@theinvisibleexercise.com.au and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Or you can look for help and answers from the TIE community on our Facebook page and our Online Forum.

While the ideal routine is at least 5 times a week, sometimes life can get a little out of control. You still get access to your dashboard and introductory program for 2 weeks after the end of your 10-week program which will give you plenty of time to catch up if you get behind on any of the weekly postures.

You’ll have access to your Introductory Program content for two weeks after you finish the 10-week program. After that, you’ll either need to join the Monthly Program, where you can continue to learn new and challenging work or you can sign up for the Introductory Program again. Saying that, everything you have done on the Introductory Program is available in the ongoing Monthly Subscription, but you will get more variety to keep TIE interesting for you. If you’re not sure how you’d like to move forward, just drop us a line at and we’ll help you work out what’s best for you.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download the audio or video content as all our content remains the property of TIE. Plus TIE content is always evolving and changes all the time. If you find your circumstances change and you won’t be able to access the internet for a period of your membership, please contact us at admin@theinvisibleexercise.com.au and we’ll do our best to come up with a solution.

No, this program is designed for your personal and private use. We hope you’ll share your amazing results with your family and friends. Subscriptions are for non-commercial purposes only.

You must ABSOLUTELY contact us. We are here to help. Send a message about your experience to admin@theinvisibleexercise.com.au and we will get back in touch ASAP.

It is unusual to find TIE too easy, even for the super fit or the experienced meditator. You are learning an entirely new technique, unlike anything you’ll have done before so that in itself is a challenge. Be kind to yourself and take some time to practice the technique and listen to the audio and you’ll get the hang of TIE.

Having said that please contact us and Dell-Maree will be only too happy to assist in challenging you more.

Tech Support

The following browsers are currently supported by theinvisibleexercise.com.au.

– Chrome
– Safari (version 8 and above)
– Firefox
– Microsoft Edge
– Internet Explorer 11+

Other browsers are not actively tested to the same standards as supported browsers at this time. If a browser is not supported, it doesn’t necessarily mean that theinvisibleexercise.com.au won’t work, but if it does, there may be noticeable issues.

Please check that your card details have been entered correctly. If that’s not the problem, it may be your bank being vigilant because it’s a new payment for an ongoing subscription. If you are still having problems please contact us at admin@theinvisibleexercise.com.au.

If something like this happens, check the ‘sleep’ function on your device. If you have set it to transfer to sleep mode after a set time then it may interrupt the delivery of your program. If you are still having a problem after resetting this, please contact us and we will guide you to a solution. admin@theinvisibleexercise.com.au

If you already have an account with TIE you don’t need to register again. Just login to the Program page and you can choose your options from there. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset. If you still have issues with registration or login, please contact us at admin@theinvisibleexercise.com.au.

You may need to update your browser to the latest version available as old versions of software can cause glitches. It’s also a good idea to check your settings for cookies to make sure they aren’t blocked for the TIE site. It’s also worth checking your registration email address to make sure you’re using the right one to login. If you still have issues with login, please contact us at admin@theinvisibleexercise.com.au.

Health Concerns

Before starting TIE, please consult your doctor, or professional healthcare provider if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, have a medical condition, an injury or a physical disability.

Yes. The TIE approach is both gentle and powerful. There is no force, strain involved in triggering your muscle memory. You will learn a precise targeted technique while lying down and then progress to sitting and standing.

Yes. TIE has been born out of 20 years of work in exercise based rehabilitation.

The vast majority of aches, pains and injuries anywhere in the body are the result of bones moving away from their original position. The most common cause of this is muscle imbalance. Some muscles work way too hard while other muscles work too little. TIE wakes up all 639 muscles so they all work equally well, placing bones back in their original position. In this way, you achieve joint integrity and this eases aches, pains and injuries.

The most important muscles in the body are the ones we use for breathing. Let’s face it, they underpin everything we do. In a gentle, powerful way we begin in a lying position to focus on waking up the Muscle Memory of your breathing muscles. This ensures you very quickly become calmer in your TIE practice. Triggering your Muscle Memory also balances all your body’s systems and floods your body with serotonin, the ‘Happy Hormone’.

More About TIE

The Invisible Exercise, TIE, realigns your body before you move.

TIE is taught by the person who developed this unique program.  Dell-Maree Day will be teaching you The Skeletal Workout in simple, safe and highly effective postures.  As you realign your body transforming your posture, your 639 muscles resume firing in superfast precise sequences.  Muscles that fire correctly for you change your body and your life.  Imagine your 639 muscles firing correctly for you all day, working as a team.  You achieve true muscle balance and harmony 24/7.   That is the TIE difference.

TIE is based on Dell-Maree’s philosophy that your skeleton is the critical foundation structure to the body and when the skeleton is aligned correctly our muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and discs have the correct platform to attach to and work off.  Anything less than the correct platform means our muscles and soft tissue are deeply disadvantaged and unable to fire and function correctly.  This is the cause of our aches, pains, injuries, tensions, restrictions and imbalances.

With our programs she will teach you 10, 20 and 30 minute daily workouts delivered by video, audio and now on ZOOM.  TIE will quickly become your favorite daily workout, direct, concise and truly comprehensive.  

Practicing TIE is visually subtle but in every other way, truly dramatic.

TIE is very quiet to watch and do and you’ll be working in stillness. On the inside your heart rate will be climbing and you’ll be blown away by the internal workout you’re going through. It’s a type of exercise that looks invisible but is powerful in effort and results.

Muscles are there to support your skeleton so every bone in your body is perfectly placed for movement. This is embedded in their Muscle Memory and it’s what they’re wired to do. You can think of Muscle Memory as a great example of natural body intelligence. As you trigger the muscle memory of all 639 muscles they naturally begin working for you as a team all day every day, exactly as nature intended.

Muscle Memory Technique (MMT) is the foundation of TIE and it unleashes some amazing outcomes:

– Transforming your posture and body shape
– Easing aches, pains and injuries
– Maximum calorie burning all day, even at your desk
– Breathe and exercise better
– Improving mood and energy levels

You’ll be breathing, sitting, standing, moving and exercising with an ease and efficiency that will surprise you. And you’ll feel calm and energised throughout your day.

Our suite of programs are regularly updated and available for use under an exclusive licence to members or to Teachers of TIE who have been granted a TIE Teaching Licence. 

The resources on this website are the copyright of The Invisible Exercise and The Invisible Company Pty Ltd. Unauthorised use of these resources or on-teaching of any TIE program without a Licence is an infringement of The Invisible Company’s rights and will be prosecuted accordingly.