Posture Exercises For Teens

Posture Exercises for teens are just as important as they are for full grown adults. More so than ever before our teenagers are under the influence of factors that are a potent mix resulting in poor posture. Think long hours of looking at small screens, large screens and anything in between.  Poor posture ie poor skeletal alignment at any age leads to aches, pains, injuries and restricted movement capacity. Poor posture also places more stress on our system as a whole, so it is not ideal for brains that need to be able to concentrate, stay calm under pressure, or to go to that next level of problem solving…..think exams.   

Having started my career as a Physical Education teacher I am passionate about helping everyone but especially teenagers to understand that healthy posture is the only foundation on which we can perform well throughout our day including going for a run.  Healthy posture is also the best foundation for the classroom or sitting exams, virtually or in the flesh.  

That is why I developed my online program called The Invisible Exercise, a postural retraining program that achieves a balanced musculoskeletal system, overcoming aches, pains and injuries, enhancing our health, our ability to move, but also our ability to concentrate and focus.  

How do teens fix bad posture?

Fixing poor posture for teens is much more desirable than leaving this to some time in the future. The longer we live with poor posture the more wear and tear is placed on our body, the more damaging this can be.  It is as simple as understanding that if our foundation is poor nothing can work well.  Not our muscles, or tendons, ligaments, spinal discs or cartilage. 

So, how do teens fix bad posture? The most common approach to fixing posture is to stretch some tight muscles and strengthen some weak muscles and or wear a posture brace.  This may achieve some benefits but they will be short term and run the risk of causing problems elsewhere in the body.  Think bandaid!
Poor posture is poor skeletal alignment.  It occurs as a result of imbalance throughout our musculoskeletal system.  Fixing poor posture must be about realigning the body to reinstate great skeletal alignment so all of our muscles, tendons, ligaments, spinal discs and cartilage can work correctly.  Learn more about my program, The Invisible Exercise by clicking here.   

Can you correct years of bad posture?

Yes you can correct years of bad posture, but don’t tinker around the edges and take a bandaid approach.

Realign the body with TIE and improve all 639 muscles, 4000 tendons, 900 ligaments, 23 spinal discs and 3 types of cartilage simultaneously.  My program achieves safe, fast and comprehensive results especially for teenagers. Their bodies respond quickly and the benefits are far reaching including great sitting tolerance and a much clearer less stressed body and mind.

How can I fix my child’s posture?

Now that you understand poor posture is all about improving the alignment of the body my program starts with the spine so here is a quick and simple exercise to do right now as you sit reading this blog. This is a small taste of the TIE program.

The Invisible Exercise – Example Exercise

Move away from the back of your chair with your feet comfortably apart.  Back of the heel in line with the back of your knee.  Place your hands either on your thighs or let your arms rest down by your sides.  Look straight ahead.  Now sit as tall and relaxed as you can.  Staying tall and relaxed, breathe in and out for 3 seconds each way, 5 or 6 times.   As you do this you are likely to feel a slight fatigue in the muscles around your spine and maybe even in your deep abdominal and back muscles.  That’s because breathing and spinal muscles are meant to work as a team to stack your spine in the correct natural curves all day everyday. 

In my TIE program we add a few more steps to postures done in lying, sitting and standing that ensure your breathing and spinal muscles are re-educated and resume working all day to stack your spine correctly.  This in turn means your chest is always gently open without trying and the shoulders resting wide and down the rib cage, naturally.   

It is possible to completely realign the body for long term permanent and comprehensive improvements in every aspect of the musculoskeletal system, not to mention the mind and spirit.  
That’s why I love teaching TIE via my online program, especially to teenagers.   Breathe, sit, stand, move and exercise with ease and efficiency.  Investing in postural realignment is the best investment in our body and health for today and into the future.  Join, or learn more about my program The Invisible Exercise by clicking here.