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About the Program

The Invisible Exercise was developed by founder Dell-Maree Day who has been teaching and refining this groundbreaking program for almost 20 years.

You will learn to work with Key Bones that realign your skeleton in simple, highly effective postures. In just 20 minutes per day, The Skeletal Workout achieves 360 healthy joints transforming not just your spine but your posture, body shape and muscle tone.

We are proud to offer this program online and we will be with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve amazing results.

Start with our One Month Intro to TIE Program before moving to ongoing Monthly Membership. You simply have to feel it to believe it.


Introductory video to our life changing workout


10 x weekly instructional videos


Complete daily 20 minute audio programs

Zoom classes

Meet Dell-Maree and other TIE enthusiasts

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A breakthrough in body work

In this One Month Intro to TIE you will learn Dell-Maree’s unique Skeletal Workout. Over the month she will teach you this workout in 5 of her favourite Foundation Postures. These postures are not just simple and safe but highly effective which means you will watch and feel your body transform. These Foundation Postures help you learn The Skeletal Workout and ensure you improve every single one of your 639 muscles. You will finish this Intro Month with a spine that is decompressed, elongated and every other joint in your body feeling better. You will be moving with an ease and efficiency that will surprise you and muscles that never toned will be shaping up. Your Intro to TIE month teaches you how to work with the amazing design of your body and you will have no doubt your best body begins with your bones.

Our suite of programs are regularly updated and available for use under an exclusive licence to members or to Teachers of TIE who have been granted a TIE Teaching Licence.

The resources on this website are the copyright of The Invisible Exercise and The Invisible Company Pty Ltd. Unauthorised use of these resources or on-teaching of any TIE program without a Licence is an infringement of The Invisible Company’s rights and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Ongoing Monthly Membership

See and feel your body at it’s best

Your One Month Introduction to TIE is the beginning of your simple, safe and most comprehensive body and health transformation. With regular TIE practice your results continue to build as your skeletal alignment just keeps improving. Your spine and joints just keep getting better and better. The freedom within your deeply balanced and toned body means you can do the things you love and even the things you don’t with ease and efficiency. Monthly Membership ensures TIE is your favourite daily workout achieving your youthful body and vibrant health for today and all the years to come.

In your inbox every month you will have:

This represents incredible value and variety, giving you all the tools you need to make TIE work for your body, lifestyle and goals.

Each month Dell-Maree will teach and feature ‘The Posture of the Month’. This will be an integral part of building your repertoire and your results.

Join Dell-Maree and other TIE enthusiasts to do TIE. Real time 30 and 50 minute classes will be accessed from your dashboard and that means Dell-Maree will be in the room, guiding and helping you achieve your best results.

With 10 and 20 minute workouts to choose from, you can pick and mix programs to suit your daily schedule and body needs.

In case you would like to re-watch any of your Instructional Videos these are always available on your dashboard

We love to make sure you have more resources on your dashboard than you could possibly need. Not sure of a posture or arm position? One quick check through your photos and you’re sorted.

As you progress through Monthly Membership your circumstances may change eg pregnancy, surgery. All you do is drop Team TIE an email and Dell-Maree will design the perfect program for you.