Hear about how TIE has changed the lives of all sorts of people, helping them resolve health problems, perform, look and feel better.

Online Participant Results

“I joined the 10 week program and am astounded by my results. I lost 6cms off my waist, my bust has lifted, my underarms have tightened and my shoulders are a completely different shape. My butt has trimmed and my thighs have slimmed down. Although I exercised regularly, I was struggling to achieve results. My clothes feel amazing. People are commenting. These are just a few of my results. But the most amazing benefit…..TIE has found all my car accident injuries (decades ago) and is sorting them out. It feels like TIE is finding my fault lines and erasing them. I’m now going forward from solid ground and with real strength. I have my vitality back! Dell-Maree was there to help me along the way and for an online program this was a great surprise. I felt completely cared for and supported. So, so lucky to have found the article on The Invisible Exercise in my local paper. I cannot recommend this program enough. Dell-Maree is a rare and gifted teacher and her program is extraordinary. So, so happy.”
“I was looking for a new direction in getting my body toned and fit, as well as helping me with an intermittent lower back spasm. Due to the pressures of my life at the moment, I didn’t feel I could take the traditional route of joining a gym, Pilates or a yoga class., My preference was for something that I could do at home and that would easily slot into my life. My research led me to TIE. I was very impressed with both Dell-Maree’s bio as well as the concept and so decided to sign up for the 10 Week Program. I have not been disappointed. It has been a revelation!! I couldn’t believe how much I could feel going on in my body as I carried out each posture. This exercise program does not leave you sweaty and in need of a shower (which is a great positive in a busy life) but it certainly raises your heartrate. I could see the difference in my abs within a few weeks and on the strength of my new toned body have just bought a bikini, which I my age is nothing short of a miracle. My lower back issues also disappeared within a few weeks and my back feels so much stronger. I’ve found the format brilliant. The photos and videos of the postures are great for helping you really understand how you should place your body and the weekly tips build on this further as to how you should tackle things. The 10-minute audio introducing the posture of the week is a marvellous idea as it’s really helped me to feel confident and to get to grips with each new posture. The mix of postures in the 20-minute audio means it never gets boring. I also like that I can choose either the 10 or the 20-minute workout based on my personal commitments each day. That helps me to keep with the Program when I feel really stretched for time. Another real plus is that TIE can be done in the smallest of spaces with no special equipment, except maybe a soft exercise mat. As well as all this is the fantastic enthusiasm of Dell-Maree. It’s as though she’s there in the room with you whilst you’re working so you feel as though you have a personal teacher guiding you. When I needed to query something, her reply to my email was immediate and helped keep me on the right track. I have been so very happy with my TIE Program. I love the challenge of the workouts and my body feels fitter, better aligned and much more toned.”
“In my practice as a Sports and Exercise Physician, I have found TIE to be a very useful form of rehabilitation for my patients with mechanical back and neck pain. TIE achieves improved posture and helps maintain intrinsic strength across joints for improved structural integrity of the body. I recommend TIE for a cross section of my patients from elite athletes to those wishing to return to exercise after accident or injury, including my pre and post-natal patients.”
Dr Diana Robinson
Sports and Exercise Physician
“I started TIE nearly 2 years ago as a last resort to avoid having a hamstring reattachment operation. I had been in increasing pain for over 10 years to the point that sitting and walking were pretty unbearable and I went to every conceivable type of practitioner before Dell-Maree. But now I’m 90 percent pain free. It’s amazing. My posture is better, I breath better, I am so much more aware of my body and how I move around in my daily activities and there is no operation in sight for me now.”
“The Invisible Exercise has completely changed the way I work. As a ballet dancer this program is extremely beneficially to me. I came back from English National Ballet School injured, and with the help of Dell-Maree Day I have gained a better understanding of my posture and how to correctly breathe. I am now more aware of the 639 muscles in my body and how to optimally use them all. I don’t have to actively think about engaging my muscles anymore, as with the understanding of correct posture my muscles do the work for me.”
Ballerina, London
“After working for more than 30 years at a desk, plus long hours spent bent over performing operations, the changes to my spine and posture seemed irreversible. Having discovered Dell’s TIE method, the benefits to my health, posture and feelings of energy and flexibility have been nothing short of miraculous. Those who know me are astonished by the changes and I receive comments on my bearing and that I look younger and fitter at 87 years than many 10 years or more my junior. I have often said to Dell that her methods should be taught at an early age as it will shape the health and welfare of their future generations fortunate enough to be exposed to her teaching.”
Dr Adrian Dunn
Prosthodontist, Sydney
“I’m so grateful to have found a method/style of exercise which has seen me return to golf and tennis after ongoing hip and neck problems. For 10 years, I tried everything from Pilates to Yoga to Personal Training along with physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment but I had never managed to resolve the pain stopping me from doing any exercise more strenuous than walking. Resigning myself to this after being active and fit was a bitter realisation. Then I joined the online trial of TIE. It was so easy to follow Dell-Maree’s philosophy and instructions and learning to work WITH the design of the body has been such a positive, inspiring experience. After 3 weeks of following the program my neck pain was so much better. And then my hips recovered soon after. I’m now playing the sports I love and haven’t looked back”
Hairdresser, Brisbane
“I’m looking down the barrel of 60 so when a golfing friend recently said I had great posture I smiled for days. Little did she know I’ve had back issues since a teenager and was in pain for years. I’d tried physiotherapy, the Alexander Technique, and Pilates to name a few. Then a decade ago I was introduced to TIE and Dell-Maree Day and my whole body was engaged so the healing could begin. Now I never think about my back, neck and shoulders. I can practice anywhere in the world and need no more than a wall, if that. I love TIE and enjoy a pain-free, tall and relaxed body. I feel fit and much to my delight my golf has benefited too.”
Retiree, Sydney
“As a desk-bound office worker, I was suffering from repetitive strain injury in my right arm. It had been bothering me for about a month and persisted even after I took two weeks off work. After doing TIE for less than two weeks the symptoms disappeared and haven’t returned.”
Writer, Sydney
“Having been in regular training for nearly a decade, I felt I was in reasonable physical shape. So I started doing TIE with a degree of scepticism. How could remaining motionless possibly have any impact on my body? Was I ever wrong. The effects were immediate and substantial. My waistline shrank and, more importantly for me, I walked and ran more easily. My Boot camp instructors spotted the difference immediately. I don’t know how TIE works, but it does work.”
Executive, Sydney
“I have always been active, and have participated in sport from a young age – more recently competing in triathlon and multisport events. As I’ve gotten older I’ve increasingly noticed various niggles in particular tightness in the hip flexors and lower back. I initially found TIE challenging as a ‘workout’ because it is the opposite of everything I’ve been taught in training – to always work harder and push my body to the limit. But after working with Dell-Maree doing TIE I am so much more aware of when I’m using my ‘freeway’. Learning to access all of my muscles has not only helped me perform better – out of anything it has probably improved my breathing the most – it has also changed my body shape particularly the my ribs and abs. When I feel like I’ve overtrained TIE also really helps to realign and restore my body, it’s the perfect supplement for lighter training days. I’ve been telling all of my training friends with injuries that they need to do TIE!”
Digital Producer, Sydney
“After years of contact sports (and a mis-spent youth) my body was full of aches, pains and injuries. I tried to ignore them and when that failed had many different forms of treatment. Facing hip and knee replacements I was referred to Dell-Maree. 5 Years on I am improving every month. Now with only the occasional ache or pain, and all Orthopaedic surgery on hold, I am so pleased with the improvements. I enjoy being active, playing golf and keeping up with my grandsons. None of this would have been possible without TIE. I highly recommend it.”
Executive, Sydney
“10 years ago my sister (Dell-Maree) said my gut and posture was “shocking” for all the exercise I was doing. Only a sister could get away with that comment! At that stage I had 2 different PT’s per week (Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Cycling Coach). I took my cycling and open ocean paddling very seriously regularly competing in events in Australia and overseas. I trained 15-20 hours a week while carefully dodging aches and pains. Having been fit and active my whole life I found learning TIE a real challenge. I began practicing the basics at my desk and within two weeks noticed an improvement in my cardiovascular fitness and my post exercise soreness was significantly less. By the way, I went down two belt notches in 4 weeks. This motivated me to do my TIE 20 minutes per day. To say the results were fast and comprehensive is an understatement. I reduced my training by 30% and my results improved by 15/20%. These days I continue to do regular TIE. Whilst I no longer compete I continue to cycle and paddle and have more power and strength than I can recall having during the peak of my training. I may be biased but my sister is inspirational and has taught me how to work with the design of my body for truly amazing results.”
Executive, Melbourne
“I have been doing TIE for 6 months. Initially I found it to be so different from anything I had done before but I really liked the approach, it made sense to me. I found my body felt better even after my first few sessions. I noticed I was much more relaxed at my desk and that my posture improved. I wasn’t trying to sit better I just was. My abdominals are stronger and I am moving better. I really love it and will continue to do TIE. I highly recommend it.”
Account Director, Canberra
“I really enjoy doing The Invisible Exercise. It just seems to make sense to stop, slow down and take time to listen to your body and gradually bring it back to its natural position without punishing ourselves. It is so counter-culture and a refreshing change to the rush and strain of other forms of exercise. I also had some hip pain that had been around for about 3 months before I started doing TIE and after my first session I noticed a difference and within 6 weeks was completely pain free.”
Graphic Designer, Sydney
“After more than a decade of practicing yoga, I have found a new way to exercise that’s completely different to anything I have tried in the past. I was amazed at what appear to be relatively simple postures and the massive impact they’ve had on the way I look and feel. Dell-Maree is so knowledgeable, her natural teaching style and passion for TIE make it so easy to learn. I love that I am able to do it almost anywhere and I can always fit in a quick workout in the space of 10-20 minutes. No more excuses.”
Nurse, Sydney
“Taking part in TIE, I found myself looking at exercise, fitness and general well-being from a totally different perspective. As I am passionate about my health, this was an eye-opening revelation which was confirmed by my results. By applying the principles, as instructed with the support of video links and audio classes, I was getting noticeable improvements in my posture as well as the tone of my muscles. It was an almost meditative experience which was both relaxing as well as precise. The best thing for me was noticing that the impact of just 20 minutes of practise was impacting the way I moved, walked and exercised throughout the day, in a subtle and yet powerful way.“
Teacher, Sunshine Coast
“I was first referred to Dell-Maree early in 2016 for my “poor posture.” Her matter-of-fact way of describing how muscular problems are caused by the improper positioning of our skeleton made perfect sense to me. After a few one-on-one sessions, I started attending class and doing the exercises regularly at home, and haven’t looked back! A few months after I started, I noticed a change in how I hold myself, whether sitting or standing, and other people also commented on how I appeared more ‘upright’. Plus you ‘appear’ thinner which is an added bonus.”
Executive Assistant, Sydney
When I first began working with Dell Maree I had tried various other programs including gyms, Pilates and yoga. I had ongoing knee and shoulder issues. Following on from my TIE practice, I rarely think of knees or shoulders now and my shape has changed. I have a better defined waist and less chunky thighs. Best of all I’m strong and healthy. I recently tried stand up paddle boarding for the first time. To my amazement my balance was great, all credit to my strong abs. The Invisible Exercise may be invisible but it is also a great work out with visible results. I highly recommend it.”
Lawyer, Sydney
“I’d been doing TIE regularly to help with a back problem when I noticed that my stomach was noticeably flatter. Then an overseas trip broke the habit and my normal belly returned. But to my pleasant surprise when I started doing TIE again, my stomach flattened after two sessions. It was like, wow!”
Editor, Sydney