Core Exercises for Posture: Why TIE delves beyond the “Core”

‘Core’ training is about the deep muscles of the pelvis and shoulder girdle. Whilst I do not refer to these deep muscles as the ‘core’ in my program, The Invisible Exercise is the ultimate exercise program to improve your posture. 

The muscles of ‘core’ are a fraction of the hundreds and hundreds of deep layers of joint stabilising muscles in your body.  In the same way, your pelvis and your shoulder girdle are a fraction of the joints that make up your body.  Given this is National Pain Week, let’s ask is there a way to improve every joint and the vast network of deep muscles in your body at the same time to overcome pain and injury and fast track your rehab journey?    

20 years ago whilst working in musculoskeletal rehab, I asked myself this same question.  Today my program The Invisible Exercise (TIE) activates all the layers and layers of deep joint stabilising muscles, hundreds, and hundreds of them at the same time.  This naturally and quickly achieves 360 healthy joints. 

How does TIE help me improve my core?

The Invisible Exercise is a full-body joint stabilisation program, that transforms the way you breathe, move, and exercise.  Your posture, muscle, soft tissue, and joint function is safely and quickly transformed at all of your joints.  This means you do not have to go about trying to ‘core’ or ‘fix’ joint by joint, area by area.  If you have aches, pains and injuries, tensions, restrictions and imbalances and would like to improve them all in a 20-minute daily workout, I know you will love TIE.  

Here is the link to find out more about how The Invisible Exercise delves beyond the current ‘core’ approach to ensure your rehab journey is a truly comprehensive, simple, new experience achieving 360 healthy joints.  

Do core exercises help posture?

Pelvic and scapula stabilisation as described above are the protocols of ‘core’.  Therefore core improves some of the joints in the body but not all of them.  

Posture describes the underlying position of your bones and your skeletal alignment. To achieve great posture, your 206 bones must sit in the correct anatomical position simultaneously. This ensures optimal joint functioning and health. Simply improving a small number of joints via core exercises, does not mean your posture will be transformed. This isn’t an overnight process!

Can core exercises hurt our posture?

Can core exercises, and exercise in general, hurt our posture?  Yes, exercise can increase the risk and stress on our bones, joints, muscles, and other soft tissue. 

What is not commonly understood is that if we try to move our body before we have great alignment and joint integrity, our body is forced to use a fraction of its muscles. As a result, this places more stress and risk on our joints, alignment, and muscle function.  

I like to use the cake and icing analogy.  Realigning with TIE achieves a great cake.  An exercise regimen was only ever meant to be the icing on the cake.  If we are trying to ice a fundamentally poor cake, that is a recipe for trouble and how we develop aches, pains and injuries, poor posture, body shape, and uneven muscle tone.  TIE ensures our body is ready for exercise and that is definitely a new way of thinking and a new approach, however this is essential to avoid injury in the short and long term and to ensure your body moves with ease and efficiency.

What exercise improves our posture?

By definition, exercise that specifically improves posture has to focus on improving our skeletal alignment.  

In developing The Invisible Exercise, I uncovered that going directly to our skeleton to place and position our 206 bones correctly, was not only possible but it innervated all the body’s deep layers of joint stabilizing muscles. It impacted hundreds and hundreds of them, simultaneously.  How?  

TIE resets the natural and direct communication between your nervous system and your critical layers of deep muscles. As we reposition our 206 bones the body’s deepest muscles are drawn into position.  This means the nervous system can directly communicate with these layers of deep muscles.  Conversely, if our alignment is poor, our muscles are displaced and our nervous system cannot send the correct signal to the correct muscle, at lightning speed.  This means our joints and alignment suffer and when this happens our ability to move is compromised.  Applying exercise effort to an unsound structure is how and why we injure ourselves.     

So what exercise improves posture, skeletal alignment?  The Invisible Exercise, going directly to your skeleton, realigning your 206 bones in one simple 20 minutes daily workout.

Can posture correction achieve healthy muscles and joints?

YES!  Realigning your body with TIE is how and why your muscles fire correctly for you, transforming your posture, joint, and muscle function on a full-body scale.  You don’t have to try and ‘core’ or ‘engage’ your muscles, joint by joint, area by area, taking time and resources.  Instead, your deep intrinsic joint stabilising muscles will fire correctly for you receiving their instructions straight from the nervous system.  This achieves your best 360 joints so you move with ease and efficiency, naturally.  

Achieve great posture, joint, and muscle function with The Invisible Exercise for unparalleled full-body rehab and injury prevention.