Sitting Posture: A Guide to Sitting Correctly For Optimal Posture

What is Sitting Posture? Better yet, what is meant by ‘good’ sitting posture? Welcome to a blog that doesn’t bag sitting! I simply do not agree that sitting is bad for us and the new smoking. Why? Because sitting per say is not bad for us, it is the way we are sitting that is causing issues for our health and well being.

Sure as a population we do sit poorly, and that is due to muscle imbalance that pulls the spine away from it’s naturally stacked curves. If our spines were aligned correctly, we would sit comfortably and for long periods of time, if necessary, without adversely affecting our health.

What is the correct sitting posture?

What is the correct sitting posture? Well, let’s start with what correct sitting is NOT!

Correct sitting is not:

  • Sitting straight
  • Sucking tummy muscles in
  • Pulling shoulders back and down
  • Pressing your back into a chair
  • Tucking in your chin
  • Wearing a shoulder brace
  • Applying gadgets that beep at you
  • Cushions behind or underneath you

Correct sitting starts and finishes with your spine. There are hundreds of deep muscles that are meant to work as a team to stack your spine establishing and maintaining the correct natural curves. Currently these are without doubt the weakest muscles in the body. That is why I designed TIE. Our Monthly TIE membership will address these issues reinstating the consistent activity of these deep spinal muscles so your spine becomes your greatest asset. Beautifully stacked all day which leaves your chest gently open and your cranium sitting perfectly over your spine.

As a result you breathe well, you sit well, you move well and you think well. Yes, healthy spinal alignment is the foundation to a healthy body and mind and the fastest and only way to achieve great posture.

In fact, trying to exercise, get fit, move more and try harder before we have a truly healthy spine is a recipe for disaster as this places more stress and demands on our spine. No wonder we have a pandemic of back pain.

Anything and everything we do, including sitting, will happen with ease and comfort if our spine is our body’s greatest asset.

What about proper sitting posture at a computer?

Proper sitting posture at a computer is a hot topic at the moment. Whether we are sitting at a desk or sitting having coffee with friends, if our spine is being supported by our spinal muscles correctly we sit well AND that means we look and feel great.

If you are working at a computer and your spine is beautifully stacked then your pelvis will be happy so your lower back pain will be a thing of the past. Your shoulder blades will glide into a really healthy position so your neck can relax, alleviating neck pain or discomfort. None of this can happen if your spine is being pulled away from it’s natural curves due to muscle imbalance.

In short, our body will function way below it’s true capacity if our spine is being pulled away from it’s correct natural curves.

Best posture for sitting at a desk all day?

My best tips for anyone reading this blog who hasn’t started my program is to move away from the back of your chair and sit as tall and relaxed as possible. You will observe that your spine will stack itself up and your chest will gently open. Just this one simple thing will have so many positive benefits I’m sure you will love it. At first you may need to remind yourself to sit tall and relaxed every hour but within weeks you will find yourself sitting up naturally without thinking about it. That’s progress and you will be on your way to a healthy spine.

Of course joining my online program will be your best investment in your spine, your body and your health. Click here to learn more about my online at-home posture retraining program. We offer live zoom and in person classes too!

Why is sitting up straight uncomfortable?

Have you ever wondered why sitting up straight feels uncomfortable and unnatural? Well that’s because it is unnatural. Our spine is not meant to be straight and we are not meant to be holding our chest open and or our shoulders back. Hundreds and hundreds of muscles we can’t see are meant to be working as a team all day to place every bone in our body correctly. When our invisible muscles work correctly we achieve great skeletal alignment and that means a healthy spine, healthy joints and beautiful posture including as we sit.

My program The Invisible Exercise achieves your best body both inside and out. Don’t let poor spinal alignment ruin your body and health whether you are sitting, standing or exercising.