Does Posture Affect Weight: A guide to losing weight with posture training.

Does improving posture help with weight loss?

Improving your posture will most definitely help you lose weight. Ensuring that your postural muscles are working correctly helps your body become increasingly efficient. This includes helping you lose weight and as a result, tone your body. Poor posture is the same as poor skeletal alignment.  Poor skeletal alignment is caused by muscle imbalance. This is not something that can easily be resolved, especially in the long term, by a posture corrector or posture device of any kind.

That’s why I created The Invisible Exercise, to address these imbalances that most of us carry. ‘Postural’ muscles number in the hundreds. They include our spinal and breathing muscles, and the deep layers of muscles at every joint, so even though you may not see postural muscles, you can definitely feel when they are switched off and not working for you. Unfortunately, your body cannot burn as many calories per day as it otherwise would if hundreds of your muscles are switched off, fast asleep. Optimal posture means optimal calorie burn. This is where common questions such as, ‘does posture affect belly fat and fat distribution?’ come in to play.

Does posture affect weight?

Our body is truly and deeply connected and that is how and why transforming our skeletal alignment to achieve ‘good’ posture ensures we burn more calories and lose weight.  Let me explain. 

Deep and all-pervasive in your body is a structure called the connective tissue.  Your connective tissue as the name suggests connects or attaches your 639 muscles to your bones.  If your skeleton is poorly aligned, your connective tissue cannot attach your 639 muscles correctly. This means that your muscles cannot work correctly, equaling muscle dysfunction, and imbalance. However, it also equals a more extended imbalance in the body that slows metabolism and calorie burning. 

The connective tissue also attaches your tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spinal discs, and internal organs to your bones.  When your skeletal alignment is poor, even slightly compromised, your connective tissue cannot attach these critical structures correctly either.

Do you burn more calories with good posture?

Take a moment now and feel what it is like when your spinal and deep layers of muscles are not working for you and how all your bones, joints, muscles, soft tissue, and organs are moving into a poor position.  This stresses and deconditions your connective tissue so instead of this subtle fine webbing being smooth and open, it becomes fuzzy and constricted.  As a result, our body SLOWS DOWN and becomes more and more inefficient in many ways. This means a reduction in calories burnt when our posture is poor. Work with me, Dell-Maree Day and my program The Invisible Exercise to improve your body alignment, and therefore your posture and strength. Click here to learn more.

Does Posture affect weight and my metabolism?

Given the site of the metabolic process (ie how quickly or otherwise we burn calories) is a smooth muscle that is directly affected by the condition or biochemistry of our connective tissue, fuzzy, stressed, restricted connective tissue can lead to a sluggish metabolism and therefore less than optimum calorie burning. 

It’s a big story with lots of contributing factors, but the more smooth and open our connective tissue the better for our metabolism.  In summary, muscle imbalance leeches condition from our connective tissue, and that has far-reaching health implications.

A poorly aligned skeleton due to muscle imbalance creates both a quantity and quality problem.  Fewer muscles working to burn calories AND a very high likelihood of a slowing of the ability to burn calories. Click here to learn more about how you can optimize your body alignment and address muscle imbalances to burn more calories.

How long will it take to lose weight from realigning and posture correction to improve our connective tissue?

Of course, that will depend on many factors, eg degree of muscle imbalance, how long the muscle imbalance has existed, how deconditioned our connective tissue has become due to muscle imbalance, etc. The great news for us is that the body is very forgiving.  As soon as we prioritize achieving great skeletal alignment for great posture we achieve improvement in the condition of our connective tissue.  That equals a natural, all-pervasive tonic improving all of our systems and processes.  

On average, The Invisible Exercise, beginning with our Introduction to TIE Program for 20 minutes a day improves the condition of our connective tissue and nervous system within 12 weeks.   As you deeply realign, your hidden superstructure, your connective tissue can place more and more muscles correctly and your nervous system can fire your muscles correctly.  Within weeks you will feel more muscles working for you and that means your posture is naturally improving.    

In short you start winning on both counts, numbers of muscles working to burn calories AND improved metabolism, faster more efficient calorie burning. This is the beginning of a positive spiral and is the recipe for optimizing calorie-burning today and into the future.  

Will posture exercises increase my muscle tone?

As you realign your body with TIE, you achieve great posture and muscle balance.  

In fact, it is only by going directly to our foundation structure, our skeleton, and working from there that we can achieve a deeply balanced musculoskeletal system for all over even muscle tone.  No lazy, late firing or fast asleep muscles.  No overworking stressed or tight muscles. Less and less tension, restriction, and imbalance in your body.  

Realigning your body with The Invisible Exercise: The Skeletal workout achieves one balanced, evenly toned and improved calorie burning machine…  Learn more about our Introduction to TIE program here.