Overcome aches, chronic pain & injury, and improve your posture.

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Your body has 639 muscles. Why not use all of them?

In just 20 minutes a day, The Invisible Exercise will transform how your muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spine, and joints feel and perform. You’ll learn a series of posture exercises and learn how to place your key bones correctly – Dell-Maree labels TIE the ultimate Skeletal Workout. Whether your goal is to improve your posture, performance, weight loss, muscle tone, or pain relief – this approach will make the difference you’ve been looking for.

10 Week Introduction to TIE

10 week program

Our 10 Week Intro to TIE Program is an at-home posture workout that guides you carefully through a series of posture exercises to deeply realign and tone your body. The Intro to TIE program educates and trains you to work with your musculoskeletal system – TIE founder and biomechanics expert, Dell-Maree, calls it a “Skeletal Workout”. You will learn the 10 TIE Foundation Postures, including posture correction exercises over the 10 week period. This is the perfect program for overcoming all of your aches, pains, muscle rigidity, mobility issues, bad posture habits, and injuries. You will finish this program with a deeply balanced musculoskeletal system, improved body posture, and postural alignment. You will feel and see the difference in every part of your body. After completing your program, we recommend the Monthly Membership, where you can continue to work with Dell-Maree to benefit your body, mind, and spirit.

Monthly Membership

per month

We are excited to announce that The Invisible Exercise is now available as a monthly membership. You’ll learn the foundation TIE posture correction exercises in the first month, and progress to more advanced posture exercises as you progress with the program. Join others who have completed our Introduction to TIE Program and begin to focus on your personal goals using your personal dashboard. We will introduce you to live, regular ZOOM classes with Dell-Maree and the TIE community. You will notice big changes in your body posture, postural alignment, body shape and muscle definition. You’ll also notice that any aches, pains and injuries are addressed. There really is no limit to how good you can look and feel, as you work with the amazing design of your body. There’s no need for posture trainers or posture corrector devices. Achieve a deeply balanced, aligned body, and vibrant health today and into the future with The Invisible Exercise.