How do I achieve a truly healthy spine and great posture from home?

Posture correction or retraining is so easily done from home.  In fact the quieter and the more private the environment the more perfect the conditions for reawakening your postural muscles to achieve a healthy spine and great skeletal alignment, and that means great posture.   
My online Postural Retraining Program, TIE, will ensure you achieve your healthiest spine and posture from home
How does postural retraining work?
We start life with good skeletal alignment.  Ever watched a baby sit up for the first time and observe the natural curves of the spine.  Well that is ‘normal’ and losing the natural curves of the spine is how and why our posture or skeletal alignment goes horribly wrong.  That means our spine suffers and we develop a myriad of aches, pains, injuries, musculoskeletal imbalance and health problems.  If you take a moment and feel how your spine is compressed and losing it’s natural curves you will intuitively know that that is not healthy.  It is highly likely that you will also intuitively know that you are living with muscle imbalance and therefore some muscles are working and others are fast asleep. 
What may surprise you is that a poorly stacked spine means hundreds of your muscles are fast asleep so we are talking major muscle imbalance.  
My program The Invisible Exercise ensures you ‘reawaken’ the hundreds of postural muscles that are dying to work for you, they just can’t unless we go directly to the skeleton and realign your body.  I have developed The Skeletal Workout that realigns your body via 3 Key Bones.  This workout ensures your nervous system innervates your postural muscles directly and as they switch back on they resume stacking your spine into the natural curves you started life with.   
As your postural muscles resume working for you to stack your spine all day there is no mistaking the years this is taking off how you look and feel.  There is no mistaking how a naturally decompressed spine is the key to breathing, sitting, standing, moving and exercising with ease and efficiency.  There is also no mistaking that a beautiful spine is the missing link to your best body shape, tone and performance. 
In short, realigning your body with The Skeletal Workout for your healthiest spine, joints and posture is where your best muscles, body and health is to be found.  

How often do I need to do The Skeletal Workout to see the best outcome?

This will vary from person to person depending on how extensive the muscle imbalance and how long the imbalance has existed.  How many aches, pains and injuries have been accumulated along the way and how complex the musculoskeletal issues have become.  In short it will depend on how many hundreds of muscles have switched off and how few muscles are running your body.
Having said that it is truly remarkable how quickly your body improves when we go straight to your bones to realign with The Skeletal Workout.
On average 20 minutes per day of The Skeletal Workout following your daily schedule will ensure you feel the difference almost immediately.  Within 6 weeks you will feel your posture and body shape dramatically improved.  12 weeks in, your spine is naturally decompressing as the vertera are stacking more correctly because hundreds of your postural muscles have  switched back on and that equals a whole new tone and freedom in your body. 

What results can I expect from postural retraining with TIE?

As postural muscles are the most extensive network of muscles in your body (albeit invisible ones) you can expect big results.   Think of it this way.   Living with a poor spine and  exercising off a poorly aligned spine is a huge problem and the cause of our body woes.

What are some simple things (like mental cues) I can do during the day to help my posture?

As your postural muscles resume working for you and you feel them stacking your spine, the only thing you need to do is take a moment and feel how good it is to have hundreds of muscles firing correctly for you.  Then simply let go of any muscles that are still holding tension or that are overworking.  Our body’s natural reflex will be to breathe in like never before.
My postural retraining program achieves great skeletal alignment, one healthy spine, great posture so you look, feel, move and perform your best, 24/7. 
Your best body begins with your bones and my program shows you how.