Bad Posture and Sitting All Day: How to have good posture and work at a desk

Having good posture is a hot topic at the moment, especially as more of the world is transitioning to working from home, often at a seated desk. As a result, bad posture whilst sitting is prominent. Achieving good posture is often on people’s bucket list of things to achieve. However, it is generally all talk and no action – the years roll on and their posture just keeps deteriorating. Consider bringing posture correction and training to the top of the list. You will achieve your best spine, great breathing and most agile body ever, plus you can do it at your desk! Now is the time to go for it and prioritize it. I’d recommend beginning with  The Introduction to TIE program.

My program, The Invisible Exercise shows you how your best body begins with great posture, how you can achieve this at your desk, how you will look and feel years younger, how you will move better, and burn more calories along the way.  So don’t let sitting get you down. Sitting doesn’t have to be awful and you don’t have to feel trapped.  Good posture is nature’s best workout.  Who needs machines, sweat, and grunt when you can transform your body before you move AND at your desk. The Invisible Exercise is a program optimized for those of us prone to long hours at the desk.

How often do I need to do The Skeletal What does sitting at a desk all day do to my body and posture?

Currently, sitting gets a bad wrap!  There are studies claiming risks to your health akin to smoking.  But sitting ‘per say’ is not bad for us, it is the way we are sitting that is bad for us. Therefore, bad posture from sitting isn’t a result of sitting itself, more about how your deep muscles are working for you as an individual. 

We have hundreds of muscles that I like to call ‘the stackers’.  These are your deep layers of spinal and breathing muscles (invisible muscles, in a sense) that are meant to be stacking your spine all day in a series of natural gentle curves.  That is in the correct anatomical or ‘resting’ position.  If these muscles are doing their job, then we sit beautifully, we breathe well, we have good abdominal tone, we think clearly, we feel good, we even optimize the calories we burn all day. However, this is rare whether we are fit or unfit.  So what do you have to lose by achieving great posture other than poor abdominal tone and a myriad of health issues? 

Right now chances are your spine is resembling a ‘C’ shape.  That means your stackers are not working for you and as your spine moves away from the correct anatomical position, it is entirely possible that your shoulders are sliding up, your head is moving forward and your pelvis sliding out of position too.  Of course that is not great for your health as now your joints and internal organs are being compressed and displaced.   Here are some of the negative outcomes of the deep layers of your body’s muscles being on a permanent holiday!

  • Neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulder aches, pains and injuries
  • Soft tissue damage eg spinal disc wear and tear, tendonitis
  • Compromised movement capacity 
  • Poor quality breathing which affects us down to a cellular level
  • Poor circulation
  • Incontinence  
  • Constipation
  • Slowed digestion and metabolism
  • Low energy and mood levels  
  • Headaches 

In short, poor posture is poor skeletal alignment, and therefore an imbalance of your  musculoskeletal system. This adversely affects the body’s organs and systems. Don’t be fooled, and go running to the gym. A ‘workout’ from a gym standpoint, will not improve your posture.  We must go ‘in and deep’! This is what The Invisible Exercise, the at-home posture workout intends to do for you.

How does working with posture help prevent these symptoms?

Improving posture is about realigning your body, going directly to the deepest structure in your body, your bones, starting with your spine.  A healthy spine begins a deep and lasting body transformation. Overcoming negative health outcomes must start with realigning our body, and this is best done in stillness and before we move.  

My program teaches you my unique Skeletal Workout that realigns your body via 3 Key Bones and a simple breathing technique. It is skeletal because we work with key bone placement. This workout starts in lying, sitting, and standing so you can simply and safely, without machines, equipment or gadgets, turn time at your desk into postural retraining central and dynamic restorative exercise. 

Can I improve my posture even if I am sitting all day?

Yes.  The Invisible Exercise is a Skeletal Workout in sitting and standing. It is so simple and so effective that you will be amazed at how quickly your posture will improve.   You started life with a healthy spine because all of your ‘stackers’ were working for you and along the way they’ve switched off. This is simply a result of how we live, move, and what are our day to day habits in modern society. In fact your ‘desk time’ provides you the perfect opportunity to realign your body, laying a whole new foundation to your body and your life. 

It is definitely possible to do a simple workout that will ensure you sit and stand well so you breathe well, unload and decompress your joints, improve your abdominal and pelvic floor tone, improve your circulation and digestion, achieve a calm and focused mental state, injury-proof yourself. Plus, you up your calorie-burning simply sitting at your desk.  Jackpot!

How do I burn calories whilst sitting?

We think exercise is about what we see, about moving more, and trying harder, bigger, smaller, faster, slower, more or less.   BUT if our exercise efforts are being applied to an unsound structure it is not just our spine and skeleton that suffer, but we create more and more muscle imbalance. Our 639 muscles will fail to work as a team all day to place every bone correctly and move our skeleton correctly. The calories we burn will not be optimal, and we will have hundreds and hundreds of muscles fast asleep. 

Realigning with The Invisible Exercise: The Skeletal Workout, wakes up your deep vast network of invisible muscles so they resume stacking your spine, thorax, pelvis, and shoulder girdle correctly. These muscles are without a doubt meant to be your body’s workhorse, quietly doing their job all day without a fuss and long before you jump and down.