Do Posture Correctors Work?

Are you wondering whether or not to invest in a posture corrector device?  Will it be helpful? Will I go through any discomfort getting used to it? Do posture correction devices actually work? If so, will it work for me?  Are there any good posture exercises out there that would be better than using a posture corrector?  Absolutely.  Enter, The Invisible Exercise. Fixing bad posture doesn’t have to be a costly, uncomfortable or an ‘un-fashionable’ investment. 

Just before we go any further let’s make sure we discuss posture and the causes of bad posture so we can assess whether a posture corrector is likely to help you or anyone you know.

Good Posture and Bad Posture: Myths about Posture Correction

Posture refers to your underlying position of bone or your skeletal alignment.  The first indication of ‘poor’ and bad posture, or ‘poor’ skeletal alignment is your spine.  If you check in now, it is highly likely your spine is resembling a ‘C’ shape rather than a series of natural gentle curves resembling an ‘S’ shape.  Fit or unfit, a poorly aligned spine is how and why other bones move away from the correct position. For example, shoulder blades move up and forward from where they are meant to be, and then as a result, like dominoes, the head moves forward from where it is meant to be. This is also why the pelvis moves backward or forwards from where it should be. It is like a domino effect as mentioned earlier, throwing the body into mis-alignment.  This, in turn, goes on to adversely affect other joints in the body.  Misalignments can be very small or very large, but either way, any bones that are not sitting naturally and in the correct anatomical position results in poor skeletal alignment, and therefore bad posture. 

In summary, poor posture is not about one small part of your body. It can’t be addressed by a posture correction device. For example, your shoulders. This is one tiny component of bad posture and it is NOT where bad posture or posture habits start.  Poor posture starts at the spine and as this series of critical bones move away from the correct anatomical position other bones slide out of position too, they simply can’t not.  

Should I buy a posture corrector device?

To assess whether to invest in a posture correction device, it is worth keeping in mind that it would have to be a full spinal realignment device. Therefore, a natural hesitation around buying the most common form of posture correction device, a shoulder brace, is well-founded.  In fact, applying any external device will not correct the real problem. The Invisible Exercise allows you to correct your posture from the comfort of your own home, device free. Work with your body and realign your skeleton, so your muscles, tendons and ligaments can work optimally. 

Why don’t posture correctors work?

What causes our spines to move away from the naturally stacked ‘S’ shape towards the ‘C’ shape?  Bones move away from the correct position due to muscle imbalance and the muscles that will be failing are hundreds and hundreds of muscles you can’t see.   There are hundreds of muscles whose job is to stack the spine into the correct natural curves for you. Posture correction can only begin by reawakening the layers of deep muscles at every level of your spine.  Whilst this may sound daunting it is quite the opposite.  This vast network of deep muscles switch back on and resume working for you as a team to stack your spine beautifully which has an immediate positive knock-on effect for every other bone and joint in your body.  

How do we correct our posture naturally?

Correcting your posture is about realigning your body, starting with your spine.  Over the last 20 years, I have developed The Invisible Exercise: A skeletal workout that does exactly that.  

Starting in lying, this workout realigns your 206 bones via 3 Key Bones and a simple breathing technique.  Your spine is the first series of bones to improve. As your spinal alignment improves, your nervous system directly innervates your ‘postural’ or spinal muscles.  This direct innervation of your spinal muscles is akin to roads lighting up on a roadmap.  You don’t have to try to ‘find’ your spinal muscles.  You don’t have to stretch or strengthen this muscle or that.  You don’t even have to do small or large repetitive movements.  None of this would reawaken your spinal muscles.  3 Key Bones and a simple breathing technique and your vast network of deep spinal muscles innervate and resume working to stack your spine naturally for you all day.   This transforms your posture naturally and permanently!

Therefore The Invisible Exercise is your direct path to reawakening the deep layers of your body’s muscles achieving a healthy spine and sound skeletal alignment.  TIE is a posture ‘retraining’ workout in this sense, and is deep, corrective, restorative exercise.  Quite simply no posture corrector ‘device’ could ever achieve the same.  If you want to give The Invisible Exercise a go for yourself, and find out how you can avoid an ugly device that doesn’t truly work long-term, click here.

What is the ‘workout’ in the Invisible Exercise? After all, it is invisible…

Instead of looking for the answer in an external device and therefore tinkering around the edges, The Invisible Exercise goes deep.  Starting in lying, you restore your postural muscle activity – you are doing the ultimate corrective exercise. 

It may not look like a workout, but don’t be fooled.  Realigning your body means there is more good stuff happening on the inside than you can possibly imagine. Every layer of your body’s muscles from deep to external, are improving simultaneously.  It might look like almost ‘invisible exercise’ but this work is not about what you can see, it’s about what you can feel and how simply your body corrects itself. 

My program called The Invisible Exercise centers around a skeletal workout, deeply transforming your body starting with your spine. It is a safe, logical and powerful exercise that you can do from the office, home, quiet studio etc.

What results will I see from correcting my posture naturally?

Poor skeletal alignment means not just your 639 muscles but your 4000 tendons, 900 ligaments, cartilage, spinal discs and connective tissue are adversely affected and therefore your musculoskeletal system is deeply disadvantaged and out of balance.  

What the last 20 years has taught me is that our best body begins with our bones and realigning our body.  Placing bones back to their original position, via 3 Key Bones and a simple breathing technique, The Skeletal Workout, corrects the proper functioning of muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and discs around each bone and joint, naturally and quickly.  

As your spine and skeletal alignment improve you achieve a deeply balanced musculoskeletal system free of aches, pains, tensions, restrictions and imbalances.   

The Invisible Exercise featuring The Skeletal Workout achieves not just ‘good’ posture and a healthy spine and joints, but a deeply balanced body, inside and out, naturally, quickly, and without applying any external devices or complex processes. 

Your best body begins with your bones and my program simply shows you how.