TIE TAKES AN UNEXPECTED HOLIDAY TO GREECE (and goes down a belt notch in the process!)

TIE TAKES AN UNEXPECTED HOLIDAY TO GREECE (and goes down a belt notch in the process!)


Just days before Lisa was due to leave on a 4 week holiday for Greece she developed severe back pain.  After an emergency doctor’s visit, she was recommended The Invisible Exercise Online Program.  Lisa joined immediately and over the next four weeks TIE became her new best friend, well second best to her husband, as they enjoyed 4 beautiful weeks in Greece.


Much to my delight Lisa got back to Sydney where ‘normal’ work and life has resumed. She has continued TIE every day and is almost at the end of her 10 Week Introductory Program and looking forward to what the Monthly TIE Program can bring to her already vastly improved body.


How do I know all of this?  Lisa booked a 1:1 session with me so I had not just the pleasure of meeting her and checking her technique, I also heard about TIE’S holiday in Greece.   I was envious!


Let’s start with Lisa’s results.  Not only has her back improved so much that she no longer suffers any back pain, Lisa says her back just keeps feeling stronger and stronger.  Her abdominal muscles have improved, “out of sight”, and a persistent upper back problem that had been nagging away for years, one that she had learned to live with, has also completely resolved.  Her posture is better and she is feeling fit and loving TIE. She has also gone down a belt notch or 2!


Of course I wanted to share this story, not just because of Lisa’s results but because it highlights 2 great things;


  1. TIE is portable so you can take our Online Program with you wherever you go; and
  2. Lisa’s TIE Technique was fantastic proving that so you can safely and effectively learn TIE online.


Her results have been amazing in 9 short weeks.   So what next for Lisa?  She is going to continue TIE via our Monthly Membership.  Yay!


If you would like to achieve remarkable results, like Lisa, please join me for The Invisible Exercise Online Program. (www.theinvisibleexercise.com.au)


I am confident you can learn my ground breaking technique in the comfort of your own home, or any other exotic destination you may happen to find yourself, and achieve results that will make you very happy and well. (And probably also go down a belt notch or 2 in the process…)






Dell-Maree Day.
Founder, The Invisible Exercise