Having a baby is such a beautiful time, especially if your body deals well with pregnancy and post pregnancy.

As our first wave of online clients come to the end of their 10 Week Introductory Program, Team TIE is so excited to be launching our Ongoing Monthly Membership.

This means we will have our first group of clients progressing into specialised 20 minute programs of their choice like Amazing Ab’s, Great Butts, Neck and Facial Muscles, Better Cardio, to name a few.  But the program we are most excited to launch on September 1 is our Pre and Post Natal Program.

A client who recently had a baby did TIE everyday (almost) throughout her pregnancy.  The day after her baby was born when the physio’s came to check on her, everyone was so surprised that her abdominal separation measured only 1.5 centimetres; the average being 4/5 centimetres.   This TIE devotee is well on the way to a fast and full post-pregnancy amazing body.

I love the TIE Pre and Post Natal Programs as the benefits are extensive, both for the body and the mind.  In a calm and quiet way, you will achieve great pelvic floor, strong and flat abdominals and beautiful posture to ensure all the lifting and carrying that is ahead of you is a breeze.

If you are pregnant or just had your baby, join me for TIE.  Your baby, your body and your mind will love you for it.