It’s all about POSTURE!


Launching The Invisible Exercise online program has been so exciting. I’ve learnt a lot by talking to the media, journalists, bloggers and influencers.

One of the things that came as a surprise was how often I was asked, “What IS good posture?”

Sometimes before I answered, I asked the person what they thought good posture was. Because this is not new. Quite the contrary.

The most common response I was given was, “To sit or stand up straight, and suck in my stomach muscles all day.”

The Invisible Exercise doesn’t ask you to do this.

Nor does it ask you to pull your shoulders back, down … or anywhere for that matter.

Posture is simply about BONES. Where do your bones sit all day? Most especially when you’re not trying, or not thinking about posture?

Most people don’t have one single bone sitting in the perfect anatomical (or correct) position when they’re busy concentrating, working or exercising.

Therefore, their posture is compromised and that person (maybe you!) is missing out on the best natural, all-day workout imaginable.

In fact, you’re missing out on the perfect chance to trim down your waist, burn more calories, feel energised, think clearly, reduce stress, move with ease and efficiency and achieve greater, safer results from any exercise program you’re doing.

Good posture simply means BONES sitting exactly where they are meant to, no matter what you are doing, and, wait for it….. hundreds and hundreds of invisible muscles working to achieve that.

You will begin in lying and over your 10-week program will learn my favourite 10 postures to transform your posture and your aches, pains and injuries will be a thing of the past.

There is only one motto here at The Invisible Exercise: you work with BONE, so the connective tissue and muscles will do the rest.

TIE will be your best body investment ever and I can assure you that you’ll love your results.