Rediscover your beautiful body with The Invisible Exercise

Welcome to my first blog! I have to pinch myself that I’m writing those words. First of all, a confession – I’m not what you’d call tech savvy. I have to ask my teenage daughter how to work our big screen TV.

While she’s been navigating the technological age that dominates our world, I’ve been looking backwards – trying to determine how our bodies were originally – and so beautifully – created to move so effortlessly.

Every day in my practice I see clients from all walks of life. Tomorrow, I’ll be working with a 17-year-old ballerina, a 50-something barrister who works and trains seriously hard, a new mum and a 33-year-old architect.

Each of them is searching for relief from pain.

By the time my clients find me, they have almost always tried lots of treatments, techniques and exercises – none of which have delivered the pain relief that had been promised.

Over the years, I discovered that while their injuries vary, they all had one thing in common – they are only using a handful of dominant muscles. Those few overworked muscles are pulling my clients’ bones and joints away from their original position. This means that person can no longer move effortlessly. And, this is what triggers their pain.

When I discovered I could teach a client how to get in touch with their skeleton in a way that triggered their muscle memory something magical happened.

Put simply, I uncovered the fastest, simplest, safest way to ignite every muscle so they resume working for you. This helps reduce pain, heal injury, ensures you move better and your posture and body shape will improve.

I was so excited by the results I witnessed, I was determined to find a way of making the technique available to people everywhere.

Eventually, I met the right people and we came up with the right name and thus was born The Invisible Exercise.

Via our website I will teach you a simple, direct skeletal technique that triggers your muscle memory allowing every muscle in your body to do exactly what it is there to do – all day.

By doing a 20-minute daily program you can access your body’s hidden super structure. There’s no squatting or lunging because the moves I want you to make are almost invisible. But they are powerful.

I know you’ll love the results because the results are definitely NOT invisible. You’ll see it in your improved posture and muscle tone and you’ll feel it in your increased energy and ease of movement.

All of this because your body transformation is assured when you trigger muscle memory and use the amazing design of your body.

Dell-Maree Day.
Founder, The Invisible Exercise