Weekend Sunrise Feature – Improve Posture While You Are Sitting

Life has a habit of stretching and challenging you and recently I was asked to appear on Network 7’s Weekend Sunrise program for a fun segment on sitting.

Appearing on national television sets off the tummy butterflies big time but I shouldn’t have worried because everyone was lovely. From the nice folk at security through to the wonderful hosts, Monique Wright and Andrew O’Keefe, they all eased me through it.

Doing a TV show is such an adrenalin rush that it’s only when I watch it back that I’m able to absorb how it really went. When I view it, I noticed something that I thought might help you.

During the segment, Andrew sat in a straight-backed chair and I gave instructions on how he could correct his posture.

I started by getting him to place his feet correctly but I didn’t realise that as he listened to me, his feet edged back so they ended up being too close to his bottom. But, on the upside, he did reduce his ‘man spread’ (as co-host Monique put it).

So what is the best placement of the feet and knees during sitting? Easy! Feet directly under your knees so the back of your heel is in line with the back of the knee. Place your fist between your knees and allow the same size space between your feet. And, it’s best to take high heels off if you can.

For most people this is challenging to do and maintain. Take a moment to check how you’re sitting. Most likely, your feet are tucked in too close to your bottom and the feet and knees wide apart.

Try placing your feet and knees as described above and I bet you’ll feel an invisible exercise – lots of dormant muscles working for you to keep the bones of your legs and feet still and well placed in this position.

If you are a member of The Invisible Exercise Online program I hope you love Posture of the Week for Week 2 and 6 as these are especially good for improving the way you sit and enabling you to maintain your feet and knees in the best possible position through-out your day.

Happy sitting from the feet up!


PS you can watch the Weekend Sunrise segment by clicking on this link